Deed 18: Habitat for Humanity in Little Ferry, NJ

Posted: May 26, 2013 in sandy


For years, I have wanted to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.  On three separate occasions, I signed up only to have the project cancelled due to inclement weather.  I finally got my opportunity to help last week in Little Ferry, NJ.  Little Ferry was one of the hardest hit towns in North Jersey during hurricane Sandy.  Speaking with one resident, he stated “I was outside with my wife watching the storm and looked to my left to see a 3 foot wave barreling down the road.  At the storm’s peak, there was 9 feet of water in the middle of the street.  When the water receded, there were fish scattered across my lawn”.

habitat for humanity 3Habitat for Humanity of Bergen County stepped in to help restore approximately 80 image_5homes in Little Ferry.  Some projects are big rebuilds and some are smaller restorations.  When I arrived, I was put to work by the on site supervisor, Mike.  I started in one home priming the walls.  After a while, I moved onto another home in the neighborhood to help sheet rock and frame walls on the first floor.  The first floor, like others in the area, had to be completely gutted.  New walls, floors, bathrooms..everything.  Even though I am no where near “handy” I was able to complete the task at hand with help from the site supervisor.  After 7 hours or so of work, I headed back home, more grateful than ever.  It was again, yet another stark reminder of how truly lucky I am and that every day with food and shelter is a blessing.


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