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Achilles International is an organization that enables people with disabilities to participate in mainstream athletics.  A chapter in New York holds a run/walk every Tuesday in central park throughout the year.  Volunteers are matched with participants depending on the speed of the runners/walkers.  On the day I volunteered, there were just as many volunteers as athletes (about 20 of each).  I was not prepared to run, so I was partnered with a man named Patrick.

Patrick is a regular participant in the program.  He participated in the program when he was a kid 25 years ago and joined back up about 8 months ago.  In that 8 months, he has lost over 60 pounds and turned his life around.  On the day I volunteered, he walked from 3:00 until 7:15(the actual program only runs from 6:00-8:30).  It was freezing cold and pouring rain.  Patrick did not complain, kept a smile on his face, and continued to walk…and walk..and walk..and walk….All while using a walker.

Patrick is truly an inspirational athlete.  Witnessing what he does without issue truly makes you realize what you take for granted on a daily basis.  Even through the bad weather, it was one of my favorite deeds so far.