Day 11: Team building

Posted: November 9, 2013 in Deed 30, food, South Africa, travel, volunteer
The Building Team!

The Building Volunteers!

As I have mentioned before, weather in Cape Town is quite unpredictable.  Rainy one minute, sunny the next.  However, today called for downpours all day so Deen scheduled a “team building” outing together.  We met at the train station and headed down to the Cape Town waterfront, which is about a half hour train ride away.  We spent some time walking around a mall laughing, and listening to Deen’s infamous stories.  He brought us to a food court type place that looked like it was in a back alley.  It had all kinds of ethnic food which looked delicious, albeit a bit scary.  After eating and enjoying each others company, we headed back home full and happy.

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