Deed 15- Dog Walking at an Animal Shelter

Posted: April 7, 2013 in animals, dogs

I have been a dog lover my entire life.  In fact, I often joke that I like dogs more than I like people!  I have always had a dog as a pet and as weird as the may sound, I seem to connect/understand dogs better than most people do(dog lovers will understand this!).  This has led to me corralling runaway dogs in my neighborhood on multiple occasions which are stories all on their own.  Because of all these factors, volunteering at a local animal shelter was a natural fit for me.



The program I volunteered for was through New York Cares at the BARC no kill animal shelter in



Brooklyn, NY.  The purpose is for volunteers to walk the dogs around the neighborhood for a half hour or so.  The first dog I walked was a wonderful, friendly older dog named Colleen.  I let her lead the way and she had a great time exploring the city.  She also happened to be a big fan of pooping in the middle of the street, which caused quite a funny scene and a traffic jam :).  The next dog I walked was Josephine who was equally as friendly.  She was a bit younger with a little more energy. We walked up to a park to enjoy a softball game together.

Dogs really are simple creatures.  As long as you feed them and show them love, they are as happy as can be.  Unfortunately, at one point or another, these animals were neglected.  It doesn’t take much time or effort to help out a local animal shelter, ultimately making a difference in dogs lives.

  1. stacyweaver says:

    Glad you enjoyed the project Jonathan.

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