Mini Deed: Train Back Home

Posted: February 24, 2013 in donations

A young man approached me at the train station tonight and asked for money to buy a train ticket.  I am typically skeptical of people asking for money so I decided to engage in a conversation.  He came home yesterday to visit his mom to try and rebuild their rocky relationship.  It did not go well which caused his Crohn’s disease to flare up.  He spent all day in the hospital (hospital bracelet still on) and was just trying to get back home to Staten Island.  He only had a dollar to his name ( I asked).  I gave him money to help buy a ticket and he was able to get on the train.  It proves that the common misnomer that people asking for money are “just going to use it on drugs or alcohol” is not always true.  If you take a little time to listen, you may find that people that are down and out may just need a little boost.

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